Hot Springs of Western Canada

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Chapter 9: BC’s Central Coast

Here’s where you’ll find the latest notes & updates about specific springs on BC’s Central Coast.  If a spring name has no other information listed under it, then there haven’t been any changes since the book was published.  This page contains only the current known status; for a history of changes, see the News & Updates page.

Asseek River Warm Springs

Canyon Lake Hot Springs

Eucott Bay Hot Springs

February 28, 2018: Reader Klaus Urbantke recently shared several pictures of Eucott Bay springs with us

Hoodoo Creek Hot Springs

Nascall Hot Springs

Sheemahant Hot Springs

October 30, 2014: According to a reliable source, the airstrip at the mouth of the Sheemahant River is now overgrown, though float planes can still land on Owikeno Lake at the old logging camp.  The road to the springs is still good for walking.  The large bridge across the Sheemahant is in good condition, but the bridge across a side creek between there and the springs is washed out, and the creek crossing is not easy.  There are no usable soaking tubs or pools, but the water is as hot as ever.

Tallheo Hot Springs

Oh, and Watch The Tides …

Sometimes the tide changes can be rather extreme on British Columbia’s coast.  If anchoring or heading ashore, you might want to double-check your tide tables first.