Hot Springs of Western Canada

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Hot Springs

Any printed guide can only be a snapshot of the conditions at the moment the book was written.  Of course, by their very nature hot springs tend to be located in unstable, constantly changing terrain, meaning that there will always be a need to update the roads, pools, ownership, and public status of the springs.  Here’s where you’ll find links to updates and changes to the 3rd edition of Hot Springs of Western Canada that have occurred since the book was published in 2014, listed both by the spring’s “official” name as well as older names and aliases.

These updates are best used as a companion to Hot Springs of Western Canada 3rd Edition, though anyone is welcome to browse.  Begin by searching for updates to all springs in a particular region, or using the alphabetical list if you want to quickly zero in on a specific spring.

Please contact us if you have any updates, or notice any errors or changes to the springs that aren’t yet listed here.

Chapter 1: The Lower Mainland Chapter 2: Vancouver Island Chaper 3: Northwestern Washington Chaper 4: The Cariboo & Okanagan Chaper 5: The West Kootenays Chaper 6: The East Kootenays Chaper 7: Banff & Jasper Regions Chaper 8: Off Highway 16 Chaper 9: BC's Central Coast Chaper 10: North Coast & Haida Gwaii Chaper 11: Northwestern British Columbia Chaper 12: Off the Alaska Highway Chaper 13: NWT & Central Yukon

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Take a Walk on the Wild Side …

The hike in to Ahousat Hot Springs on Flores Island follows part of the Wild Side trail and passes along a series of wide, inviting beaches.  In July 2010 Glenn stopped long enough to pose for a picture beside the Pacific Ocean.  Just make sure to watch out for wolves!