Hot Springs of Western Canada

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Chapter 2: Vancouver Island

Here’s where you’ll find the latest notes & updates about specific springs on Vancouver Island.  If a spring name has no other information listed under it, then there haven’t been any changes since the book was published.  This page contains only the current known status; for a history of changes, see the News & Updates page.

Ahousat Warm Springs

Hot Springs Cove

March 19, 2017: CBC News reports that the Ahousat First Nation has signed a 10-year agreement with BC Parks to take over management of Maquinna Provincial Park. Two guardians from Ahousat will be stationed there during the summer, greeting visitors, performing maintenance duties, and collecting user fees. In the long term, plans call for adding a small campground, day spa, and food service.

Mate Islands Warm Seep

At the Edge of the World …

Hot Springs Cove (aka: Ramsay Hot Spring) is situated near the tip of Openit Peninsula, on the west coast of Vancouver Island.  Here, it’s possible to soak in pools of hot water while dangling your feet in the cold ocean and enjoying the spectacular views of the open Pacific.  And, if you’re really lucky, you just might catch a glimpse of an orca or humpback whale in the distance!