Hot Springs of Western Canada

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Links & References

General References

A web search for “hot springs” will turn up literally millions of hits, most of which are useless.  Below are some general-interest sites that we find particularly useful.

BC Parks     Home page for the provincial park system in British Columbia, with links to all provincial parks in BC

Birkby, Jeff     Touring Washington and Oregon Hot Springs     2nd edition, Guilford, CT: Falcon Guides, 2014.  Describes 40 easily accessible hot springs in Oregon and Washington; complements Evie Litton and Sally Jackson’s book

Canada Geothermal (search for “Canada Geothermal”) or     A web-based map maintained by Ron Yehia showing the locations of thermal springs in Canada.  Although just getting going, this site has great potential

Dan Grec’s Blog     Contains good accounts and photos of his trips to some obscure hot springs in BC and elsewhere

Discover Camping     For campsite reservations in BC’s provincial parks

Drive BC     Up-to-date information on road conditions and closures for the main highways in BC

Facebook     Hosts pages for many commercial springs, generally linked through their main web page.  Several non-commercial springs in southwestern BC have dedicated Facebook pages: search Facebook for “Tsek”, “St Agnes Wells and Sloquet”, and “Hot Springs of Western Canada” (no affiliation with this book)

Litton, Evie, and Sally Jackson     Hiking Hot Springs in the Pacific Northwest     5th edition.  Guilford, Ct: Falcon Guides, 2014.  Descriptions of about 140 hot springs in Idaho, Washington, Oregon, and southern BC.  No commercial springs here; emphasis is on backcountry hot springs and nearby hikes.  Complements Jeff Birkby’s guide

Love, Jesse W.     Hot Springs of Western Washington: Complete Guide to 250 Hot Springs and Soda Pop Springs     Ashland, Or: Kaleidoscope Productions, 2013.  This guide contains not only hot and warm springs but also cold soda and carbonated springs, plus some useful information not found in other guides

Parks Canada     The main home page for Canada’s National Park system, containing plenty of visitor information

Soaker’s Forum     The main English language site for hot spring lovers.  Although focused largely on the United States, there is occasional lively discussion of Canadian springs.  The emphasis is on non-commercial springs

Spring-Specific References

The following references contain information about a specific resort, spring, or park.  They’re especially useful if you already know where you’re going and have an idea about what information (e.g.: hours, prices, camping) you’re looking for.

Ainsworth Hot Springs Resort     History of the springs and resort, prices, temperatures, and mineral content.  Also has links to places to stay and eat in the area

BC Hydro - Kinbasket Mica Forebay     Current water levels of Kinbasket Lake, vital for anyone planning to visit Kinbasket Lake Hot Springs

BC Parks - Anhuluut’ukwsim Laxmihl Angwinga’Asanskwhl Nisga’a (Nisga’a Memorial Lava Bed) Park     Visitor information, relevant for visits to Aiyansh Hot Springs

BC Parks - Bishop Bay - Monkey Beach Corridor Conservancy     There’s no mention of the springs, but this page does contain chart and general information, useful for anyone boating to Bishop Bay Hot Springs

BC Parks - Brim River Hot Springs Protected Area     A general description of the area surrounding Brim River Hot Springs

BC Parks - Choquette Hot Springs Provincial Park     The management plan contains some excellent information on the value of conservation for Choquette Hot Springs

BC Parks - Garibaldi Provincial Park     There’s no mention of any hot springs, but if this spring exists it’s most likely inside Garibaldi Provincial Park’s eastern border.  Relates to Daly’s Hot Spring

BC Parks - Gibson Marine Provincial Park     Maps and safety warnings (primarily about wolves).  Relates to Ahousat Warm Springs

BC Parks - Grayling River Hot Springs Ecological Reserve     Maps, coordinates, and details about the ecological reserve surrounding Grayling River Hot Springs

BC Parks - Iskut River Hot Springs Provincial Park     Very little information on the main page, but there’s a link to the management plan, which contains very detailed information about the local ecosystem.  Relates to Iskut River Hot Springs

BC Parks - K’lgaan / Klekane Conservancy     Includes a paragraph with detailed descriptions of the bathhouse, along with UTM coordinates, of Klekane Inlet Hot Springs

BC Parks - K’ootz / Khutze Conservancy     Though there’s no information specifically about any springs, this page contains important mooring and visitor information.  Relates to Khutze Inlet Warm Springs

BC Parks - Liard River Hot Springs Provincial Park     History, conservation, wildlife, and camping information related to Liard River Hot Springs

BC Parks - Maquinna Marine Provincial Park     Maps, fees, and access information, as well as photographs of the hot springs.  Relates to Hot Springs Cove and Mate Islands Warm Seep

BC Parks - Mount Edziza Provincial Park     There’s nothing about hot springs, but plenty of great trail and access information, useful for anyone planning a visit to Elwyn Creek Hot Springs, Mess Lake Cool Springs, or Sezill Hot Springs

BC Parks - Myra - Bellevue Provincial Park     Trail maps and parking information; there are a few brief mentions of the springs, but much of the focus is on the Kettle Valley Railroad trestles.  Relates to Angel Warm Springs

BC Parks - Portage Brule Rapids Ecological Reserve     Very little mention of the springs, but vital information on the flora and fauna for visitors to Portage Brûlé Hot Springs

BC Parks - Prophet River Hotsprings Provincial Park     Location and general information; the Purpose Statement and Zoning Plan contains more details.  Relates to Prophet River Hot Springs

BC Parks - Purcell Wilderness Conservancy Provincial Park and Protected Area     Maps of the park and trails, along with several paragraphs discussing the fragile flora and fauna of Dewar Creek Hot Springs

BC Parks - Ram Creek Ecological Reserve     A very detailed assessment of the local environment, including a complete list of all plant species found at Ram Creek Hot Springs

BC Parks - Shearwater Hot Springs Conservancy     Contains good pictures, descriptions, and coordinates of Shearwater Hot Springs

BC Parks - Toad River Hot Springs Provincial Park     History and conservation information about Toad River Hot Springs

BC Parks - Weewanie Hot Springs Provincial Park     A good description of the springs, including temperatures and navigation information, relating to Weewanie Hot Springs

BC Parks - Whiteswan Lake Provincial Park     Plenty of access and camping information, as well as some general information about Lussier Hot Springs

Canadian Rockies Hot Springs - Miette Hot Springs     Hours, prices, directions, and mineral content of Miette Hot Springs

Canadian Rockies Hot Springs - Radium Hot Springs     Hours, prices, directions, and mineral content of Radium Hot Springs

Canadian Rockies Hot Springs - Upper Hot Springs     Hours, prices, directions, and mineral content of the Upper Hot Springs

Canyon Hot Springs Resort Ltd.     Hours, camping & lodging info, as well as temperatures and mineral content

Fairmont Hot Springs Resort     Everything you need to know about lodging, eating and drinking, and recreation at Fairmont, along with pictures, hours & rates, history, and temperatures of the actual hot springs

Halcyon Hot Springs Village & Spa     Resort and accommodation info, and pool rates

Halfway River Hot Springs     Some pictures, a description, and directions

Harrison Hot Springs Resort & Spa     Info about the resort & spa, directions, hours & prices, and other activities in the area, as well as specials and packages

Harrison Hut Trail map,-123.419895&spn=0.063441,0.154324&dg=feature     A Google Maps view of the trail in to Meager Creek Hot Springs

Nakusp Hot Springs     History, directions, and pictures, along with hours, rates, and mineral content of the springs

Northern Rockies Vacations     Probably the easiest and most comfortable way to reach Frog River Hot Springs

Olympic National Park     General information about Olympic National Park.  Relates to Olympic Hot Springs and Sol Duc Hot Springs

Olympic National Park - Hot Springs     Hours, rates, and temperatures for Sol Duc Hot Springs

Parks Canada - Banff National Park     Not much hot spring related, but there’s plenty of important visitor information about Banff National Park, in which the Middle & Kidney Warm Springs, and Vermillion Lakes Cool Springs are located

Parks Canada - Cave and Basin National Historic Site     Visitor information, such as hours and fees, as well as links to other activities in Banff National Park.  Relates to Banff’s Cave & Basin Hot Springs

Parks Canada - Gandll K’in Gwaay.yaay (Hotspring Island)     Pictures, visitor information, and history of Hotspring Island

Parks Canada - Jasper National Park     Important visitor information and activities available in Jasper National Park, which hosts Miette Hot Springs

Scenic Hot Springs     Follow the instructions in the sidebar to obtain permission to visit and make donations.  Their excellent blog, maintained by the spring’s stewards, contains information on current conditions and issues

Soaker’s Forum - Kennedy     A post-landslide trip report, with pictures.  Relates to Kennedy Hot Springs

St. Leon Hot Springs     An unofficial page with pictures, a description, and directions

Takhini Hot Springs     Hours and prices, as well as information about camping and activities     An entertaining trip report, with plenty of pictures, of an epic overland journey from Squamish to Pitt River Hot Springs

USDA Forest Service - Mt. Baker - Snoqualmie National Forest     Updated information about conditions on the White Chuck River Trail 643.  Relates to Kennedy Hot Springs

USDA Forest Service - Mt. Baker - Snoqualmie National Forest!ut/p/c5/04_SB8K8xLLM9MSSzPy8xBz9CP0os3gDfxMDT8MwRydLA1cj72BTn0AjAwgAykeaxcN4jhYG_h4eYX5hPgYwefy6w0H24dcPNgEHcDTQ9_PIz03VL8iNMMgycVQEADoWIdk!/dl3/d3/L2dJQSEvUUt3QS9ZQnZ3LzZfME80MEkxVkFCOTBFMktTNUJIMjAwMDAwMDA!/?navtype=BROWSEBYSUBJECT&recid=17678&actid=&navid=110000000000000&pnavid=&ss=110605&position=&ttype=recarea&pname=Mt. Baker - Suiattle River Road - FS Road     Updated information about conditions on the Suiattle River Road 26, which accesses Gamma Hot Springs and Sulphur Hot Springs

USDA Forest Service - Tongass National Forest     Directions, a basic description, and contact information relating to Chief Shakes Hot Springs

Technical References

Below is a list of scientific publications, some of which are online, while others are only in print and quite difficult to find.  Some of these reports are extremely detailed, and a background in geology might prove helpful for interpreting them, but they contain a wealth of information.

Caron, M.-E., S.E. Grasby, and M.C. Ryan     “Spring geochemistry: A tool for mineral exploration in the south Nahanni River basin of the Mackenzie Mountains, Northwest Territories”, in Mineral and Energy Resource Assessment of the Greater Nahanni Ecosystem Under Consideration for the expansion of the Nahanni National Park Reserve, Northwest Territories, D.F. Wright, D. Lemkow, and J.R. Harris (editors), pp. 31-74.  Ottawa: Geological Survey of Canada, Open File 5344, 2007     The best single source for locations, temperature, and chemical data on springs in the Northwest Territories, this has little descriptive information and is not for casual reading.  It can be downloaded from (search for Caron Grasby)

Christie, R.A.     Bibliography and Index of Geothermal Resources and Development in Washington State, with Selected General Works.  Olympia: Washington Division of Geology and Earth Resources, Open File Report 94-1, 1994     Most publications on hot springs in Washington are listed in this bibliography.  Available in large Canadian libraries

Crandall, J.T., And T.L. Sadlier-Brown     Data on Geothermal Areas, Cordilleran Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Adjacent British Columbia, Canada. Ottawa: Geological Survey of Canada, Open File 427, 1977     The printed version is old and hard to find but remains an important source for springs in northern Canada.  Includes references to older publications.  Can be downloaded from (search for Sadlier-Brown)

Fairbank, B.D., and R.L. Faulkner     Geothermal Resources of British Columbia. Ottawa: Geological Survey of Canada, Open File 2526, 1992     This map shows the locations of hot, warm, and cool springs in British Columbia, with temperature and other technical data.  Out of data and wrong in some places but still interesting.  Available from Geological Survey of Canada offices and can be downloaded from (search for Fairbank Faulkner)

Ghomshei, M.M., And T.L. Sadlier-Brown     Direct Use Energy from the Hotsprings and Subsurface Geothermal Resources of British Columbia.  Vancouver, B.C.: Canadian Geothermal Energy Association, 1996     Clear description of some possible uses of geothermal energy in B.C., with emphasis on hot springs.  Contains a complete list of all thermal springs know at the time in B.C.  Not widely distributed, but copies are available in libraries of the Geological Survey of Canada, and for purchase from BiTech Publishers Ltd.

Grasby, S.E., D.M. Allen, S. Bell, Z. Chen, G. Ferguson, A. Jessop, M. Kelman, M. Ko, J. Majorowicz, M. Moore, J. Raymond, and R. Therrien     Geothermal Energy Resource Potential of Canada.  Ottawa: Geological Survey of Canada, Open File 6914, 2012     Excellent summary of the geothermal energy potential of Canada.  Includes some information on hot springs and a comprehensive bibliography.  Can be downloaded from (search for Grasby Jessop Kelman)

Motyka, Roman J., Mary A. Moorman     Geothermal Resources of Southeastern Alaska.  Juneau: Alaska Department of Natural Resources, Professional Report 93, 1987     This colour map (scale 1:1,000,000) shows locations of hot springs in southeastern Alaska, with temperatures, notes, and references

Motyka, Roman J., Mary A. Moorman, and John W. Reeder     Assessment of Thermal Spring Sites in Southern Southeastern Alaska: Preliminary Results and Evaluation.  Juneau: Alaska Department of Natural Resources, Open File 127, 1980.     Still the best source for locations and descriptions of hot springs in the southern half of southeastern Alaska.  Can be downloaded from

Nelson, J.     “The tropical fish fauna in Cave and Basin hot springs drainage, Banff National Park, Alberta.”  The Canadian Field Naturalist (Ottawa) 97 (1983): pp. 255-261     A fascinating description of the exotic fish at Banff.  Semi-technical but worth the effort if you are interested in the biology of hot springs

Porsild, A.E., And H. Crum.  “The vascular flora of Liard Hotsprings, B.C., With notes on some bryophytes.”  Ottawa: National Museum of Canada, Bulletin 171, pp. 131-196, 1961     Contains a thorough description of the flora of Liard Hot Springs.  Technical but essential reading for anyone interested in the unique flora of these hot springs

Waring, G.A.     Thermal Springs of the United States and Other Countries of the world - A Summary.  Washington: United States Geological Survey, Bulletin 492, 1965     Contains a listing with maps and extensive references to the hot springs of the world.  Now out of date but still an invaluable starting point for research

Quaintly Rustic, and Ever-Changing …

It’s gone now, but this rustic changing shack used to be a handy spot to keep your clothes dry while soaking at Clear Creek.

The written record for most hot springs in western Canada is not large, and much of what exists is buried in technical reports and scientific journals.  The publications listed below, both in print and online, are some that we found useful in writing Hot Springs of Western Canada 3rd Edition.  They are a good starting point if you are interested in learning more about hot springs in this region.

We invite you to contact us, whether you have questions or suggestions, updates, or notice any errors on this website or in the book.