Hot Springs of Western Canada

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Chapter 13: Northwest Territories & Central Yukon

Here’s where you’ll find the latest notes & updates about specific springs in the Northwest Territories and Central Yukon.  If a spring name has no other information listed under it, then there haven’t been any changes since the book was published.  This page contains only the current known status; for a history of changes, see the News & Updates page.

Bennett Creek Cool Springs

BR Hot Springs

Broken Skull Hot Springs

Caribou Pass Warm Springs

Deca Warm Springs

East Cantung Hot Springs

Godlin Hot Springs

Recent reports are that that springs have been obliterated via a “nasty landslide”

Grizzly Bear Hot Springs

Hole-in-the-Wall Hot Springs

Kraus Hotsprings

Lened Creek Hot Springs

McArthur Hot Springs

Meilleur River Hot Springs

Moore’s Hotspring

Nahanni Headwaters Hot Springs

Nash Creek Hot Springs

North Cantung Hot Springs

Old Pots Hotsprings

Rabbitkettle Hotsprings

Roche-qui-trempe-à-l’eau Warm Springs

South Redstone Hot Springs

Tabletop Hot Springs

Twitya Warm Springs

West Cantung Hot Springs

White Aster

Wildmint Hotsprings

But Where Are We Right Now? …

The first settlement that most people encounter when heading North into the Yukon is Watson Lake, the most popular attraction of which is Signpost Forest.  Started in 1942 when a US Army engineer erected a sign pointing to his home town in Virginia, visitors have been adding their own signs, license plates, and mileage markers ever since.  Today the site spans several acres and holds over 70,000 signs.