Hot Springs of Western Canada

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Chapter 12: Off the Alaska Highway

Here’s where you’ll find the latest notes & updates about specific springs in the Alaska Highway chapter.  If a spring name has no other information listed under it, then there haven’t been any changes since the book was published.  This page contains only the current known status; for a history of changes, see the News & Updates page.

Atlin Warm Springs

Deer River Hot Springs

Frog River Hot Springs

Grayling River Hot Springs

Larsen North Hot Springs

Larsen South Hot Springs

Liard River Hot Springs

January 11, 2017: The trail to the Beta pool is permanently closed, and all Beta pool structures, including the boardwalk, have been removed.

Nakina Warm Springs

Pool Creek Hot Springs

Portage Brûlé Hot Springs

Prophet River Hot Springs

Takhini Hot Springs

Toad River Hot Springs

Worth a Visit …

Atlin Warm Springs is a little cool for extended soaking (by adults, at least), but the stunning views make Atlin a worthy side-trip for those travelling the Alaska Highway.