Hot Springs of Western Canada

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Chapter 6: The East Kootenays

Here’s where you’ll find the latest notes & updates about specific springs in the East Kootenays.  If a spring name has no other information listed under it, then there haven’t been any changes since the book was published.  This page contains only the current known status; for a history of changes, see the News & Updates page.

Buhl Creek Hot Springs

Dewar Creek Hot Springs

August 23, 2014:  According to a recent report on, the road is now open to the very end and the parking area for the Dewar Creek trail.  In the last few kilometres, there are two creeks to ford; one may require 4 wheel drive.

Fairmont Hot Springs

Fording Mountain Warm Springs

Lussier Hot Springs

Radium Hot Springs

February 4, 2020: Parks Canada has temporarily closed the pools after an inspection following minor renovations uncovered structural defects. The pools will remain closed until repairs can be made

Ram Creek Hot Springs

August 31, 2015: A report on SoakersForum indicates that the road to the springs has been deactivated from both the Premier Lake side and from Top of the World / Lussier.  It sounds as if the road is now impassable to bikes, ATVs, snowmobiles and the like.  It’s now a couple of kilometres of rough hiking to get to the springs.  The good news is that the pools at the springs are intact.

Red Rock Cool Springs

Wild Horse Warm Springs

Fantastic Tufa and Great Views …

It’s a long hike to Dewar Creek Hot Springs, but along the way you’ll enjoy the incredible vistas of the Purcell Wilderness Conservancy Provincial Park, and be greeted by one of the finest tufa deposits in the province.